- app launching error v 1.0.3
Currently pending v1.0.4 to App Store.
By specifications of iOS, Because it take a long time for updating data , app couldn't launch in v 1.0.3.
In v 1.0.4, added top view and updating view. Probably this problem is resolved.

Very sorry.
ChordLead is iPhone app for music composer and player.
Creating scores of musical chord, Playing instruments on iphone by single hand.
You can download songs from community.(Currently, over 200 songs.)
ChordLead create sketches of your music!
chordlead for iphone


19.07.2011 version 1.0.3 Release
01.07.2011 version 1.0.2 Release
25.06.2011 version 1.0.1 Release

version 1.0.0 main feature


  • Easy transpose key of song
  • Email the score
  • Lyrics input feature
  • including default 100 songs
    *lyrics are not included
    *You can download latest songs from community server.

Transposing score is easy. you can mail score

移調 移調

Edit Score

  • Bar copy and paste feature
  • Insert and delete bars
  • Copy and paste bars
  • In the middle can be transposed key of song

chord edit

Inputing chords is easy.
chord edit chord edit
chord edit chord edit


  • automatically chord playing by your score
  • Performed according to the style
  • Playing the song by touch bar
  • Repeated playing of the song


  • Over 200 songs of various categories on the community server
  • Download songs from the community server
  • Upload songs to the community server
    *Community certification by facebook account
※you can't download the lyrics and can't upload